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Aug 2009 i-Race Feedback Form

Please take a moment to fill up the feedback form below. It will help us improve the future versions of i-Race. And consider registering for Jan 2010 i-Race by clicking on the Registration link in the top menu. Listed below is some feedback we have received and our response to that.

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Sonita Chada, Bengaluru: Start race on time. If someone comes late, disqualify him / her.

Organisers: Fully agree. We will start the races on time.

Anonymous, Bengaluru: Too much Traffic along the route.

Srinivas Gowda, Bengaluru: Too many potholes and traffic on the route.

Organisers: We will look into this.

Umesh Sonavane, Pune: Take course elevation change into account in the model. Lots of ups and downs are bad.

Organisers: Difficult to model this so far. However, we will try to stick to flat courses.

Mahesh Srinivasan, Mumbai: Consider 15K race too.

Organisers: Our model is optimized for 5K to 10K. Plus, logistics of 15K are more difficult.

Viramani R, Mumbai: Calibrate weight and height measuring instruments accurately.

Organisers: We do make an effort to check the accuracy of weighing scale. However, it is somewhat difficult to ensure that across the globe. In future, we propose to certify a course based on fixed criteria, one of which could be the use of calibrated instruments.

Ramesh Natarajan, Mumbai: Give i-Race rankings city-wise also.

Organisers: Actually, the entire philosophy of i-Race is to remove geographical and other differences in a race. So such rankings are not to be given. However, one can find such rankings from the Composite Index based rankings as we list the cities of runners, too.