Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday 03-Jan-2010 i-Race Participation Interest

The next batch of i-Races will be held on Sunday 03-Jan-2010 around the globe in many cities.

Please fill up the Registration form below. If the 'i-Race of Interest' list does not show an i-Race in your area, select the option 'Other' and indicate the location of your choice. Depending on the registrants' interest, we may consider having an i-Race in your area. Alternatively, you could take interest in conducting an i-Race in your town. Do let us know if you desire to do so.

In the eventuality that there is no i-Race in your area in Jan 2010, you can run a solo i-Race in your area. Check the FAQ section to know more about the solo i-Race format as well as how a new i-Race could be established anywhere in the world.

We look forward to hosting you in Jan 2010 for the next running of i-Race.

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