Frequently Asked Questions

Global i-Race Director

Madhur Kotharay

City i-Race Directors

Mumbai (India)

Ketan Mehta

Daniel Vaz

Pune (India)

Mahesh Vaidya

Anil Risbud

Portland (Oregon, USA)

Harsh Arora

Bay Area (California, USA)

Maheendra Kasmalkar

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We, the i-Race organizers, are runners who are alumni of various Indian Institutes of Technology. While many of us are amateur in our running abilities, we are serious and passionate about our interest in running. Along with our busy professional careers, we participate in many road races around the world. Some of the recent races have been the marathons and half-marathons in Amsterdam, Lausanne, Ladakh, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kraclow (Poland), Istanbul and Pondicherry. Send an e-mail to the Website Manager if you are interested in participating or if you want to suggest some races to our group.

The i-Race organizers also run a mailing list for runners around the world, interested in training, diet, gear and other issues related to running. If you are an IIT alumnus / alumna interested in such topics, send a blank e-mail to the List Moderator to get added to the mailing list. If you are not an IIT alumnus / alumna but are interested in such topics, send a blank e-mail to the List Moderator to get added to a parallel mailing list.

We consider i-Race, as a concept, should belong to all the health and fitness enthusiasts around the world. In that sense, it is as much your race as it is ours. And we need your help to make i-Race a big success, now and in future.

The biggest shortcoming we face is the lack of exposure in media for this event. With media coverage comes the sponsorships and thereby, better facilities, souvenirs and support to the participants. So in case you have contacts with any media professionals, help us connect with them.

Finally, if you have like-minded friends around the globe, please forward the i-Race link to them, who are welcome to forward it to others. As you can note from the Frequently Asked Questions section, i-Race can be conducted in any part of the world. We would be very happy to host an i-Race, in conjunction with your friends, in their towns, too. Maybe, you could challenge your friends scattered around the globe for a friendly race, using i-Race as the platform.