Portland i-Race

Nashville i-Race

Tennessee, USA

Race Status


Race Date

Saturday 8th August 2009

Race Start Time

6:30 pm local time

Reporting time: 6:00 pm local time

Race Starting Point

Belle Mead Boulevard, Off Memphis Bristol Highway

Race Route

Exact Race Distance: 5.46 miles or 8.788 km

Nashville 10K or 6 Miles Route: Click on the image to see more details

Registration Fees

Free. Open to all.

Height & Weight Measurements, Pre-Race, Intra-Race, Post-Race Facilities

Please check with the City Race Co-ordinator.


Since Nashville i-Race is an affiliate i-Race, the participants will not be considered for prizes. An ‘H’, standing for ‘Honours Code’, will be placed against all race data and rankings.


Certificates will not be given to any participant in this episode of i-Race.